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Can you offer Clayton a chance to sizzle?

by Rebecca Mackay | Sep 12, 2016

Clayton Rutledge is young, enthusiastic and ready to work. He has a Certificate III in Hospitality, has been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for over six months and just completed an exclusive six week course with Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food team.

But for close to 12 months, the hardworking and friendly 20 year old Beenleigh resident has been unemployed.

CPL’s Mylestones Employment has recently opened a new office in Beenleigh and is supporting Clayton to find the right job, where he can continue to learn and grow his skills.

Natalie Searson, a Job Development Officer for Mylestones Employment’s Beenleigh office, said that with the right support there is no limit to what people with barriers can achieve. 

“Clayton is a really hardworking young guy – he’s built up some fantastic experience and is now looking for an opportunity in the industry he is so passionate about: hospitality. We’re putting the call out to all restaurants in Beenleigh – can you offer Clayton a job?”

“Job Access Australia recently reported that over 90% of employers who had recently employed a person with disability, would be happy to continue to employ people with disabilities in their business again,” Natalie explained.

“We need the support of local employers to make the inclusion of people with barriers a priority for their business. Together we can build better businesses and a stronger community for Beenleigh,” she said.

In Australia, about 1 in 5 people have some form of disability but only make up 10% of the national workforce. 

Clayton has wanted to be a chef since he was a child, and has loved cooking for as long as he can remember.

“Hospitality was my favourite subject at school, I like learning new skills and trying new recipes,” he said.

 “I think my favourite meal to cook would have to be a roast.

 “My dream job would be to work as a pastry chef. But if there are any jobs out there that would allow me to use my cooking skills, like a kitchen hand or any back of house work,  I’d love to give it a go”, he said.

It’s often thought that hiring a person with a disability is ‘just too hard’. But a recent study revealed that people with a disability take fewer days off and have a higher retention rate than other workers. Employees with disability are also productive—in the right job, they perform equally as well as other employees.

Clayton is just one of the over 17,000 people who are currently unemployed in the wider Logan region; but he is remarkably positive, despite being passed over for previous roles.

“I didn’t imagine finding a job would be so difficult, but I’m not giving up,” he said. “I have applied and interviewed for so many jobs, but I haven’t had any luck. That’s why I registered with Mylestones Employment.”

Natalie, from Mylestones Employment’s Beenleigh office, explained that “Clayton is just one of the many talented job seekers we support at Mylestones Employment – all of whom are hard working and eager for an opportunity.

 “Employment is such a large part of life and at Mylestones Employment we believe people with barriers deserve the right to live the life they choose – and for many, this means employment,” she said.

If you have a job opening, you’re looking for local and reliable staff and you’re keen to support people with barriers, visit or call 1300 635 627 today!

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